What Am I Grateful For Today?

  1. I have gratitude for the self-realization of the present moment.Each moment is filled with grace. When I am fully immersed in the present in the here and now, nothing is ever enough. I am ever so thankful for the joy of simply being here with family, friends, and nature. I want to be able to make space for gratitude in the middle of the simplest of everyday deeds.
  1. I have gratitude for the self-realization that Joy and its energy gladdens my heart and awakens gratitude every moment.
  1. I have gratitude for the self-realization that I’m not an island. My individuality expands to universality. I genuinely have begun to have reverence for life and the greater mystery of being alive. We all have struggled. I see these as challenges, as opportunities for something new, which is helping us unravel something more, a struggle within us of self-realization.
4.I have gratitude for the self-realization for life which has given me the capacity to love everything that it has given to me in its entirety
Aren’t we the minutest finite in the infinite dance of life?”
5.I have gratitude for the self-realization, actually the beginning of self-realization that when I let this gratitude flow into all my relationships when I forgive petty differences and stop wanting to change anything in a person, I’ll be grateful for who they are.
  1. I have gratitude for the beginning of the self-realization that I see everyone with kindness and compassion and the knowledge that we all have more in common than we could ever be different.
What do I strive for today amidst all my fallacies?
If anything seems to be missing today it’s “Me” and my “Self-realization”.May the gratitude that I feel today guide me to the self-realization state where meaning, truth, love exists no matter who or what anyone in my life is, including myself. Let my self-realization be my power!
Thank you all for being in my life!

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