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If you have foot pain, you think about it a lot. Every step reminds you of it. Certain sitting positions become uncomfortable — or even impossible. And standing can be excruciating. Fortunately, the podiatry services at Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine are designed to minimize your pain and restore your quality of life. To learn more about their dedicated foot care, call their office in Peoria, Arizona, or book your visit online.

Podiatry Services Q & A

What are podiatry services?

Your feet are as complex as they are important. You depend on the foundation of each foot and ankle, along with its surrounding leg structures, for your mobility. You need your feet to absorb the shock of each step you take, to help you stay balanced, and to move you forward. That’s why challenges with your feet or ankles can be so debilitating.

Fortunately, podiatry services are specifically designed to treat these types of issues. The Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine podiatrist is available three times a week to treat a range of foot-related concerns, including foot pain, ankle sprains or strains, ingrown toenails, chronic conditions like bunions, and more.

When should I see a podiatrist?

Some foot and ankles challenges can be effectively treated at home with proper care. For example, if you lightly sprained your ankle, resting, icing, and elevating it at home will usually be sufficient to resolve any resulting pain with enough time.

Other issues, however, require professional care. Generally, you should see a podiatrist if:

  • You can’t put any weight on a certain foot
  • You have swelling that doesn’t show any signs of improvement after a few days of rest and home care
  • You have an open wound on your foot (this is especially true if you have diabetes)
  • Your pain is severe
  • Most of your foot, especially the bottom, feels tingling or numb or has a burning pain
  • You have any signs of infection, including the foot being hot to the touch, red, and tender, or you have a fever of more than 100 degrees F

What should I expect from podiatry services?

The first step in effectively treating your issue is diagnosing it. From the comfort of Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine’s office, your podiatrist can get to the root of your issue. Then, you start treatment informed by the diagnosis.

That could involve putting your foot or ankle in a cast or a brace so it can heal properly, physical therapy to restore pain-free mobility, wound care, surgery, or another type of treatment.

The steps of your treatment will be customized to your disorder, your level of pain, and your lifestyle. For example, people in higher-risk fields of work may require extra protection (e.g., a cast) for certain podiatric issues.

Don’t let problems with your feet or ankles limit your mobility and your quality of life. For podiatry services, call Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine or book your appointment online.

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