Additional Testimonials


“Dear, Dr. Sachdeva,
I can never express my gratitude and thankfulness of your concern on April 29, 2002 with my health due to an automobile accident that occurred on April 27, 2002. Not only are you an efficient doctor you concern was shown by allowing me to come into your office on very short notice, as well as your concern with my health but also the protection of my employment as this is the first thing a patient thinks of especially when you are unable to perform your job duties until you completely recover, I feel very blessed to have met you as I had an appointment with you on May 24, 2002 as a new patient. I have had a very difficult experience with my previous health care provider that refused to give pap smears because I had a complete hysterectomy and then refused hormone replacement therapy and was not concerned with employment and as you know if you lose your job you are without income and also have no health insurance or benefits. I want to thank you for taking an interest in me as a person and making me feel special as a patient, and thank you for your interest in covering every aspect of my health with additional testing and providing a statement for my employer. You are very thorough efficient and professional as a medical doctor. I feel very secure and comfortable with your medical treatment. You have a unique blend added to your professionalism of medicine with common courtesy and understanding that “gives patients peace of mind until they have recovered” Thank you and may God bless you and your practice and your patients in every way imaginable, as well as your loved ones that you hold dear in your heart.

“Dr. Sachdeva,
I wanted to thank you again for helping me. It’s been a long time to listen to me. That really means a lot so often I’ve been crushed in and out of the doctor's office. I wondered if I was heard. My history of suicide attempts and self-destruction has followed me for years, and because of this, many people. It has for me to replace the dead thoughts with good ones, but I’m trying. Thanks for caring”

“It would be hard for me to put into words how much it meant to me and my family that you not only came to Mum & Dad party, but that you expressed such love and interest, engaging in every part of the evening. I so enjoyed getting to visit with Namita and Sabita and I know Sharon was so honored to talk to Viru. As for you sang Ashish, it will remain my most precious memory and the entire evening. Your gracious toast, Benevolence and kindness to all brought God’s spirit and love to the evening. Forever in your debt, Carol Jefferies for my family ”

“Dr. Sachdeva,
Dear Dr. Namita, Merry merry Christmas! I want you to know how grateful I am to have spent these last several months scribing for you watching and hearing from you has been a privilege your kindness and patience is inspiring. I am always in awe at your wealth of knowledge, life advice, fun anecdotes. I see every day first hand why your patients are so loyal. Wishing you happy holidays and safe travels, see you in the new year
May you all be blessed!”

“Dr. Sachdeva,
I wanted to thank you again for how much you helped my father. The morning I was going to travel to Phoenix, I was told that he wanted to die and was going to go home and Hospice was being called. By the time I got on the plane from London, I heard that you had gone and spoken to him for nearly an hour and had given him the courage to fight harder and to see that he still had much to live for. I know one often hears people complaining about doctors, or suing them, but rarely do people go to the trouble to thank them for the work they do. I was describing what you had done to someone here and I said that sometimes you meet people who absolutely have found the right thing to do in their lives and the right place to be and I feel you have done that. Of course we don’t know and nobody can the longer term prognosis for my father, but in finding a way to help him harness his own inner strength and hope, you helped not only him but his family.
With best wishes”

“Dr. Sachdeva,
You are highly competent and compassionate medical care for our father made his late years not only possible, but enjoyable. He was very fond of you, Chief! Thank you and all your staff for all you’ve done.
May you all be blessed!”

"Dr Ashish and Dr Namita are one of the finest doctors in Arizona or even in the US. I have lived in total 8 different cities and since I have experienced many primary care doctors I can say that. They are soo polite to talk to.. they listen to you and provide you with finest diagnosis. I have been going to then for 5 years now and you mostly will not have to wait a lot. They have walkin appointments which is awesome.
All in all they are always accepting new patients.”

“Dr. Ash and his wife Namita are awesome, caring and energetic. They are the best medical doctors I have ever been to. I have chronic illnesses and I see a lot of doctors but these two are the best! IF I were to ever go to another doctor it would be due to the office staff, phone communications and lack of communication in general for the office staff. There is a “wait” time, but the quality of care once you see the doctor is fantastic!”

“What a wonderful physician. Like an angel.Spends a lot of time understanding your problem and comes out with a correct diagnosis. A man on a mission.”

"Dr. Namita Sachdeva is a very good doctor, I really appreciated the doctors genuine intrest in my situation. The office is very clean and well maintained. This is a great office to go to.”

“This was my 3rd attempt to find a Dr when we moved to AZ and I hit a home run. Everyone is caring and attentive and knowledgeable. Easy to get spot and they spend time with you
They’re the best!”

“These words can't express the heartfelt thankfulness I have for being here (for not only me) but all your patients' in providing your knowledge and expertise for our health.”


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