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Eating right is a vital part of good health. If you struggle with choosing the right foods or need help losing weight safely, Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine offers on-site dietary services at their Peoria, Arizona, practice. With the guidance of a highly experienced dietician or nutritionist, you can learn how to select the right foods for your current health and find support for incorporating good eating habits into your usual routine. Find out more about available dietary services today by calling the office or booking online.

Dietary Services Q & A

Why do I need dietary services?

Eating the right foods and using portion control can have a significant impact on your health. Your body needs healthy, nutrient-filled foods to function optimally and what you put into your body matters.

Dietary services give you insight into exactly what your body needs to work efficiently and prevent the development of underlying medical conditions and dietary deficiencies. If you have an existing medical issue, changing your diet can help alleviate symptoms and ensure your condition is effectively managed.

For instance, people with Type 2 or prediabetes can improve their diet to keep blood sugar levels well-controlled, avoiding the need for medication therapy. A healthy diet can also prevent long-term health complications, such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Renal disorders
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Immune system dysfunction

If you have difficulties losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, dietary services can address the issues that cause you to struggle, such as a slowed metabolism or vitamin deficiency.

What can I expect from dietary services?

Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine offers on-site dietary services for patient convenience and as a measure of preventive care.

At your dietary services consultation, a certified dietician or nutritionist meets with you personally to evaluate your current diet and eating habits. They also review your medical history to better understand your needs.

During this evaluation, your provider can help you create a healthy, nutritious diet to support your overall health and address existing health issues. Your nutritionist or dietician can also work with you on a diet plan that ensures healthy weight loss or successful weight maintenance.

What are the benefits of dietary services?

By consulting with an experienced nutritionist or dietician, you can eliminate the health risks associated with a fad or trendy diets.

The experts that work with Pinnacle Care Internal Medicine are knowledgeable about the many benefits good nutrition provides for your physical and mental health.

Other benefits of medically supervised dietary services include:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Reduced risk for chronic disease
  • Successful weight-loss management

Eating the proper diet can also prevent premature aging and deterioration of your muscles and bones.

Working directly with an expert of nutrition, you can learn how to incorporate a good diet into your daily life and ensure you continue eating well for a lifetime.

Schedule a consultation to learn more about available dietary services by phone or online today.

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